Police Report Log

The Police Report Log lists all of the police reports taken by the Palo Alto Police Department during a 24-hour period. This log is only produced during the business week and the date listed reflects the date the log was produced. Each log contains report information from cases processed the previous day. Monday's log will contain report information from the weekend. It also can contain report information from previous dates that had not been turned in for various reasons. 

The Police Report Log lists (in order from left to right) the incident number, the incident date, the time the incident was reported, the location of the incident, incident call type (classification), disposition code (dispo)*, and incident remarks (brief description of the incident). Log entries for reports that are considered "confidential" (for example, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault crimes, and so forth) will not include the location or incident remarks.

The past ten (10) days of report logs are available online.

* Disposition Codes are as follows:  BK = Booked (person was arrested and booked into jail), RM = Report Made (no arrest made) and CT = Misdemeanor Citation (person was arrested and released on a criminal citation, but did not get booked into jail).

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