Social Host Ordinance

Palo Alto's "Social Host" Ordinance Aims to Keep Our Youth Safe

February 1, 2009

In 2007, with support from the community, the City of Palo Alto enacted a Social Host Ordinance, PAMC 9.04.040, which makes it illegal to serve alcohol to persons under 21 years old or allow underage youth to drink alcohol on private property.

The goal of this ordinance is to reduce underage drinking and send a clear message to parents and other adults that they may be held liable for unlawful gatherings where they are in charge of the location of the gathering and alcoholic beverages are being consumed or possessed by underage persons.

For more information about the Social Host Ordinance, Section 9.04.040 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code, view the ordinance on certain social gatherings that are unlawful.

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