Credit Card Fraud

Helpful Credit Card Hints:
  • Sign a credit card immediately when you receive it.

  • Periodically check your credit cards to make sure they have not been lost or stolen. Some thieves take only one card to make the loss less noticeable.

  • Review your monthly statements and call the credit card company if there are charges you did not incur.

  • Don't loan your card to others, even family members.

  • If you do not receive a new card when your card expires, call the credit card company.

  • Don't put your payment and bill in your mailbox. Drop it in an approved mail box.

  • It's probably safe to give a credit card number over the phone to a company that you contacted. But if a business calls you to solicit your number, be very cautious.

Recent telephone scams include persons masquerading as a "contest" personnel saying you have won a prize and need to pay for the shipping or other charges with your credit card.