Text an Anonymous Tip

The Palo Alto Police Department uses the TipNow service to enable police to receive anonymous text messages, voice mail messages, and e-mail messages from the public. When an e-mail is sent to paloalto@tipnow.org or a text message or voice mail is sent to 650-383-8984, the TipNow service encrypts the sender’s e-mail address and/or cell phone number and strips the message of any identifiable information. The message is then forwarded to police. The public can even attach photos and videos. Police can also respond anonymously and maintain two-way communication with the person providing the information.

TipNow should not be used to report in-progress crimes or emergencies. TipNow should only be used to send information of a non-emergency nature. The service is intended to be used to report information to the Palo Alto Police Department only, and should not be used to report information to any other City department.