Other Services

Humane Euthanasia

As of 2/19/19, the City of Palo Alto no longer offers this service. Other local shelters all provide this valuable service, and the Humane Society of Silicon Valley offers 24/7 euthanasia services.

Pickup and Disposal of Dead Pets

You may bring dead pets to the shelter for disposal, cost varies by your pets weight, and disposal method. Call Pets In Need for more info at 650-496-5971. Animal Control can come to you for an additional $49 fee.

Cat Trap Rental and TNR

Trap rental is handled by Pets In Need at the Palo Alto Shelter. Please call 650-496-5971 for more info.
*Note: If you catch a wild animal in your trap, you must release it in the same area; you may not relocate it without a permit from the State of California. Check with the California Department of Fish and Game for exact regulations governing the trapping and relocation of wildlife in California. Animal Control will not respond to release or dispose of a wild animal that you caught.

Release of Information

If you would like a copy of an Animal Control report, please complete the Animal Control Application for Release of Information and return via USPS mail, email, or in person. Report releases require supervisor approval, and a fee of $13 which needs to be collected prior to the reports release. (Please note: you may not request an animal bite report in which you are not directly involved). All other types of reports are released by the Palo Alto Police Dept.


Press Inquiries

Please call 650-329-2413 and ask to speak with the PIO or email cody.macartney@cityofpaloalto.org