About the Police Department

The Palo Alto Police Department responds to approximately 60,000 calls for service annually.
Mission Statement
To proudly serve and protect the public with respect and integrity.

Palo Alto Police Department Core Values
We value and expect teamwork, trust, integrity, accountability, a positive attitude and the professional, impartial treatment of all.

Palo Alto Police Department Vision
Through the Leadership and Commitment of Employees, the Palo Alto Police Department will Build Trust and Respect with the Public and the Law Enforcement Profession.

Police Department Organization 
The Police Department has 169 personnel organized into the following areas:

Administration Division
The Palo Alto Police Department is committed to providing exceptional public safety services and taking a leadership role in building community partnerships. This units Includes the Police Chief, Assistant Police Chief, an Administrative Assistant and the Personnel and Training Unit.

Personnel and Training Unit
To provide professional public safety services through comprehensive hiring, training and development of employees. To attract, hire and retain qualified applicants who reflect the diversity of the community and provide the highest level of professional public safety services. This unit consists of a Lieutenant, a Training Supervisor, a Program Assistant and an Administrative Associate. 

Technical Services Division
This Division is responsible for all support services in the Police Department. The Division is compromised of the following three units:

Communications Unit
To provide coordinated, responsive and reliable 9-1-1 dispatch services.

Records Unit
To process and provide useful, accurate and timely police information to support all levels of public service.

Technology/Crime Analysis Unit
This unit is responsible for management of all public safety automated systems (Police & Fire), as well as production of all statistical and managements reports for both departments. 

Investigative Services Division

Detectives Unit
To apprehend and prosecute offenders and/or resolve investigations in a timely and thorough manner.

Animal Services Division
To ensure the protection and well-being of animals and people by providing responsive and proactive animal services. 

Property and Evidence Unit
To collect, process and store evidence to aid in the identification and prosecution of offenders and to appropriately return/dispose of property upon completion of an investigation.

Field Services Division

Patrol Unit
To provide the public with initial police response to emergency and non-emergency requests for service in a coordinated and timely manner.

Traffic Enforcement Unit
To minimize injury and property damage by promoting a safe and orderly flow of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic.

Parking Enforcement Unit
To manage, enforce and resolve vehicle parking regulations and issues in an effort to facilitate the timely movement of vehicles and provide for public safety within the City of Palo Alto.

Police Reserve Unit
The Palo Alto Police Reserve Officer Program is designed to bring men and women of the community together to assist and supplement department personnel in law enforcement efforts.

Special Operations Unit
To provide police services to assure a safe environment for community special events while minimizing disruption to the public through appropriate planning and staffing.