South Palo Alto Enhanced Bikeways


Project Location

This project proposes enhanced signage, striping, and buffers on East Meadow Drive from Alma to Fabian Way, on Fabian Way from East Meadow Drive to East Charleston Road, and the widening and repaving of the Waverley Bike Path between East Meadow Drive and Charleston Road.

Project Description

The proposed South Palo Alto Enhanced Bikeways project consists of work on three connecting corridors:

  • Fabian Way Enhanced Bikeway
  • Meadow Drive/El Camino Way/Los Robles Enhanced Bikeway
  • Waverley Multi-Use Path Improvements

The Fabian Way Enhanced Bikeway and the Meadow St/El Camino Way/Los Robles Enhanced Bikeway are identified in the City of Palo Alto’s 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan (BPTP) as key projects for the City. The Fabian Way Enhanced Bikeway reconfigures Fabian Way with a travel lane reduction to add protected bicycle facilities. The west end of the Meadow Drive/El Camino Way/Los Robles Bikeway was recently completed by the City, so this proposal requests funding for the installation of a protected facility on the East Meadow segment only. The third corridor, the Waverley Multi-Use Path, is an essential part of the School Commute Corridors Network. This Class 1 path on Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) land was identified for upgrades and widening in the 2010 VERBS-funded Walk and Roll Recommendations Maps for the adjacent schools.

Taken together, the three components will effect significant safety improvements for students and families accessing the ten public and private schools serviced by Fabian Way and East Meadow Drive, both challenging corridors for young cyclists. While the bicycle mode share at adjacent schools is relatively high for Santa Clara County, Palo Alto parents note that the current state of bicycle infrastructure (unprotected bike lanes) on these high speed and/or heavily traveled corridors limits growth in the bicycle mode share for school commutes. Parents are unlikely to bike with their children next to multiple lanes of fast-moving traffic (Fabian Way) or in congested school zones (East Meadow Drive) without the protection of buffer zones or physical barriers such as bollards. In fact, in November of 2015, the Palo Alto City Council directed staff to develop a Class 4 separated bikeway on East Meadow, representing an increased measure of design safety than what was envisioned in the 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan for this corridor.

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