Downtown Parking Wayfinding


Project Description

This project includes the design and installation of new downtown parking wayfinding signage that will incorporate a new parking brand for the City and replace the existing parking signage to improve parking visibility of parking in Downtown Palo Alto. This project will be implemented in coordination with the planning and design work associated with Downtown Parking Guidance Systems, Access Controls and Revenue Collection Equipment, PL-15002 project, which will include several types of real-time parking availability displays. The different types of signs to be installed as part of this project include:

  • Directional signs: direct customers toward parking facilities
  • Lot Identification Banners: identify a particular lot via a banner attached to an existing light pole
  • Garage Identification Signs: identify a particular garage via a sign mounted to the exterior of the garage
  • Pylons: visible/architectural markers that show parking facility information
  • Rules/regulation Signs: depicts hours, permit/hourly parking regulatory information

The combination of the visually appealing parking brand with an improved, comprehensive approach to wayfinding placement will help guide visitors, residents, and employees more easily to off-street parking and the real-time occupancy will help to reduce congestion and circling by efficiently delineating where parking is available.

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