Downtown Automated Parking Guidance Systems


Downtown Automated Parking Guidance Systems, Access Controls and Revenue Collection Equipment

Location: University Avenue 

Acknowledging the importance of improved parking management, Council directed staff to move forward with an RFP for integrated Automatic Parking Guidance Systems (APGS) and Parking Access and Revenue Controls (PARCs) for the Downtown parking lots and garages.

Automatic Parking Guidance Systems provide information to parkers on where available parking is located, which reduces driving time and congestion, and Parking Access and Revenue Controls provide infrastructure to allow for paid parking, a key component of parking regulation. This project includes design and installation of new downtown parking guidance systems, access controls, and revenue collection equipment that will be coordinated with both the Downtown Parking Wayfinding project and the Downtown Parking Management Study that is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2016. There are currently three different automated parking guidance systems under consideration as part of this project.

  • Facility Count: The lowest cost option, this system uses sensors at garage or parking lot entrances and displays either total count of vehicles in the facility or a simple 'Open/Full' status. 
  • Level and Zone Count: This system builds onto the facility count system and uses additional sensors and provides counts by garage level.
  • Single Space Detection with Individual Indicator Lights: This system provides the highest level of customer service, and track occupancy by space using ceiling mounted detection sensors in conjunction with LED lights mounted above each space that indicate type of space (available, occupied, permit, public, handicapped, valet, etc.).

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