Crescent Park Traffic Calming Project

Crescent Park Traffic Calming Project

In early 2018, residents who live on or near Crescent Drive corresponded with the City regarding traffic conditions in this neighborhood. Residents cited traffic congestion and high volumes of cut-through traffic during the peak hours, safety and high travel speeds during off-peak hours as concerns and identified improved safety and quality of life as the primary goals of the project.

On May 15, 2018, City staff, including police and transportation staff, held a community meeting to listen to the concerns of the residents and identify next steps. Over the last few months, City has collected and analyzed comprehensive traffic volume and speed data and identified priority study geographies. In coordination with the stakeholders group, Staff has developed preliminary conceptual layouts with potential traffic calming modifications for Crescent Park neighborhood. These concept layouts are provided in the links below. A community meeting will be held in August 2019 to present these concept plans and gather feedback from the residents.

Project Managers
Rafael Rius
(650) 329-2305 

Ruchika Aggarwal
(650) 617-3136

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