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Project Description
The Palo Alto Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan was adopted in July 2012. The Plan identifies objectives for the expansion of bicycle and pedestrian goals for the City. The City has a goal of expanding bicycle-to-work trips by 2020 to 15%. The city's high school student population is the highest bicycle commuter group with an average of 44% of high school commuters traveling by bicycle. This is in part due to the past efforts to provide bicycle-friendly infrastructure within the community. The Bike / Pedestrian plan supports additional goals for the City to encourage life-long appreciation for bicycle commuting to support healthy living and reduce global climate change. 
Project Documents
   City of Palo Alto Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan
   Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project FAQs (with pictures)
   Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project FAQs

Project Status

Project is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

Phase 1 - The Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project

The Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Projects - Phase 1 timeframe is currently being re-evaluated. The street recently completed (in terms of construction) is Louis Road. A segment of Louis Road (between Moreno and Amarillo) will be closed from July 23-July 27 for the installation of artwork. Staff provided door hangers to the 500 adjacent properties in the affected area.  

The NTSBB project is a Council-approved project to enhance local Palo Alto streets to reduce automobile speeds and to prioritize safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Phase 1 of the project broke ground in September 2017 and construction will be completed in October 2018. This seven-mile-long project will be constructed in 2000-foot-long segments (about half-a-mile) to minimize impacts to residential neighborhoods and schools.


 Project Timeline; The project is currently on hold.

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Phase 2 - The Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project

Phase 2 of the project is in the final design phase, and construction is anticipated for late fall of 2018.


Phase 2 of the project includes segments of the following streets: Bryant St Extension, Maybell Ave, Stanford Ave, Park Blvd, and Wilkie Way. 

Phase 2 includes similar design features to Phase I. Work will be completed by a separate construction contract which will be awarded through a competitive process. The construction contract will go before City Council for consideration before any construction will begin.

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Upcoming Meetings

There are no meetings currently scheduled. Please check back for updates.

Previous Meetings

Ross Road Bike Boulevard Orientation Day was April 11

The City Council hosted a Study Session at Mitchell Park on June 12

The Midtown Transportation Safety Fair was June 27

Contact Information
  Questions about the Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project?  
   Sarah Ratliff  
   Community Relations Manager  
  Phone: (669) 225-1617   



General Questions?

  Planning and Community Environment - Transportation Division  

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