Eichler Overlay Combining District Project


Project Background

On April 2, 2018, City Council adopted the Eichler Neighborhood Design Guidelines as voluntary guidelines for single-family residential Eichler tracts, and directed staff to draft an Eichler Overlay ordinance that would allow neighborhoods to self-select Eichler Overlay (also known as a ‘combining district’) to “abide by” privacy, streetscape and “high-level” design guidelines in the adopted Eichler Neighborhood Design Guidelines for any new two-story homes and second floor additions to existing, one-story Eichler homes. 

Council also directed staff to explore a mechanism whereby an existing Single Story Overlay (SSO) combining district neighborhood could self-select to “undo” the SSO combining district (connected to the legislative rezoning process set forth in Palo Alto Municipal Chapter 18.98). 

Some neighborhoods may be interested in considering an Eichler Overlay toward making any new two-story homes and second floor additions to one-story Eichlers compatible with one-story Eichlers.

Above are some images of Eichler homes in the two ‘failed’ SSOs (Faircourt and Royal Manor), and in Torreya Court (an Eichler tract with more than 20% original two-story Eichler homes that didn’t meet the threshold to establish an SSO).

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