Planning Staff Directory



Jonathan Lait, Director
(650) 329-2679

Rachael Tanner, Assistant Director
(650) 329-2167

Yolanda Cervantes, Administrative Assistant
(650) 329-2404

Sherry Nikzat, Senior Management Analyst;
(650) 329-2359

Planning Managers

Amy French, Chief Planning Official
(650) 329-2336

Jodie Gerhardt, Manager of Current Planning
(650) 329-2575

Russ Reich, Development Services Planning Manager
(650) 617-3119

Clare Campbell, Development Services Permit Manager
(650) 617-3191


Long Range Planning


Chitra Moitra, Planner

Hang Huynh, Sr. Planner--Affordable Housing

Margaret Monroe, Management Specialist

Erum Maqbool, Staff Specialist

Current Planning & Development Services

Rebecca Atkinson, Planner

Samuel Gutierrez, Associate Planner

Claire Hodgkins,  Planner

Scott McKay, Associate Planner

Garrett Sauls, Associate Planner

Danielle Condit, Building/Planning Technician

Historic Planning


Amy French, Chief Planning Official



Sylvia Star-Lack, Transportation Planning Manager

Rafael Rius, Traffic Engineering Lead

Mark Hur, Parking Operations Lead

Shahla Yazdy, Project Engineer

Ruchika Aggarwal, Project Engineer

Shrupath Patel, Associate Planner

Chirag Panchal, Associate Engineer

Rosie Mesterhazy, Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Elizabeth Egli, Management Analyst

Jennifer Davis, Management Analyst

Code Enforcement


Russ Reich, Development Services Planning Manager

Brian Reynolds, Lead Code Enforcement Officer

Mike Collazo, Code Enforcement Officer



Sherry Nikzat, Senior Management Analyst

Yolanda Cervantes, Administrative Assistant

Roland Rivera, Land Use Analyst

Robin Ellner, Administrative Associate

Alicia Spotwood, Administrative Associate

Madina Klicheva, Administrative Associate

Veronica Dao, Administrative Associate  

Vihnloc Nguyen, Administrative Associate


Boards, Committees & Divisions


Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Historic Resources Board (HRB)

Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) 

Long Range, Historic Preservation and General Planning
(650) 329-2442 

Current Planning and Development Services
(650) 617-3117

(650) 329-2520
Please use
 Palo Alto 311 for transportation-related service requests.

Code Enforcement
(650) 646-1855
Please use Palo Alto 311 to report zoning code issues.