In Progress Projects

The Information Technology Department has a number of very exciting projects currently in progress.  The 2018 calendar year is expected to be one filled with positive transformation fueled by wonderful innovation.
Appearing on the list below are some of the investment and maintenance projects scheduled for 2018 that:

  • will take over six months in duration
  • cost over $100,000
  • Are a City Council priority

  • SAP Netweaver Business Intelligence Upgrade to 7.5 - Improve landscape for SAP BI to ensure continued support from vendors and reduce the risk of hardware and software failures.
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) - IT Pilot - Implement an Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) solution as a pilot to provide an identity and access management (IAM) solution.
  • ERP Planning and System Selection - Select a consulting firm to assist the City of Palo Alto with the requirement gathering process in order to select a new government-oriented ERP system.
  • City Website Needs Assessment - Perform a website needs assessment in order to prepare an RFP for the redesign of the City website.  
  • Council Chambers AV/ADA/Voting System Prelim Design - Upgrade out-dated equipment and address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requirements.  
  • ITSM Replacement -  Upgrade the current IT service management system to implement a current generation service management system.
  • Expansion of Palo Alto OverAir Public WiFi - Provide WiFi for underserved City facilities.
  • Fire/EMS MDC Replacement - Analyze current hardware, determine software and end-user needs, and find an updated tablet solution for mobile deployment to Fire and Emergency vehicles.
  • Fiber to the Premise & Wireless Planning Recommendation - Evaluate the feasibility of building out a citywide Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) Network in Palo Alto and have a Citizen Advisory Committee assist in the evaluation.
  • Data Center Server Virtualization and Consolidation - Consolidate servers into our virtual private cloud and retire legacy hardware.
  • Fire Station 3 New Construction IT Planning and Implementation - Assist in IT planning for the new Fire Station No. 3 that will replace the aging Fire Station No. 3 located on the corner of Embarcadero and Newell Road. 
  • GIS-ESRI framework Implementation - Convert existing GIS data to ESRI-compatible GIS data.