Future Projects

The following is a list of approved technology-related projects that are targeted to start in fiscal year 2018-19. 

  • SharePoint Academy Design, Development, and Implementation - Establish a training solution for the City of Palo Alto's SharePoint deployment (CityCenter 2). 
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) - Application Integration Program - Integrate Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite with identified identity and access management applications.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan Implementation - Develop and implement the disaster recovery and business continuity plan for the newly renovated data center.
  • New Public Safety Building- Technology Requirements - Provide IT support in the design and build the new public safety building (PSB).
  • Web and Mobile GIS Implementation - Make GIS data accessible to staff from web and mobile interfaces.
    Open GIS Data Implementation - Expand the GIS datasets accessible to the public.
  • New JMZ Construction Project - Provide IT support for the technology requirements in planning the new JMZ building.
  • Next Generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Design - Convert as-is processes to to-be processes for the HR/Finance/Utilities billing interface ecosystem. 
  • Utilities Call Recording and Live Monitoring - Implement equipment loaded with software to provide call recording and live monitoring functionality.  
  • Deploy and Maintain a 1-Year Pilot of UrbanLeap - Pilot UrbanLeap, an online app that provides a repeatable process for evaluation of new urban innovation. 
  • Next Generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation - Migrate existing ERP system (SAP) to the cloud. 
  • Next Generation Website - Introduce a next generation, best of breed, City of Palo Alto website.