Delivering Value

Maintaining the City’s Information Technology portfolio is exciting and challenging work. Our department works diligently to provide support to over 1,000 employees, linking them to a vast array of people and services throughout the City and beyond. You might not see us every day, but we are continuously working  behind the scenes, driving and maintaining the technology that runs our digital City 24/7. The Information Technology Department delivers value by promoting our core themes: 

  • Champion an inspiring and forward-leaning vision for citywide technology-enablement that reflects the unique role of the City of Palo Alto as a global leader in technology innovation.
  • Provide a broad range of high-quality technology-related solutions to employees, departments, council members, and the community in order for each to meet their respective goals.
  • Support and continuously improve essential technology infrastructure for enabling the day-to-day operations of the City.
  • Create and maintain an exciting workplace for the information technology department team that inspires high-performance and provides career growth opportunities.