Completed Projects

The Information Technology Department has a long history of accomplishments.  The following highlights our top work that benefits the City departments and residents.

2017 - Top Highlights

  • Photo Kiosk Replacement - Deployed a cloud-based photo system utilizing tablets and smartphones.
  • GIS - Online Parcel Report Enhancements and Migration - Provided a publicly available, easily accessible and downloadable report on every parcel/lot within the City. 
  • SAP 2016 Year-End HR Support Packs Installation - Installed the SAP HR Support Packs (software updates) for State/Federal legal compliance.
  • Security Information Event Management Tool (SIEM) - Established incident detection and incident prevention to decrease the risk of cyber threat to the City.
  • NetMotion Redundancy for Public Safety Vehicles - Implemented second, redundant server for public safety vehicles remote access. 
  • SAP - Pitney Bowes E2 Vault Upgrade - Upgraded to the latest support version of Pitney Bowes Software to receive maximum benefit for support cost.
  • GIS (Geospatial Information System) Evaluation - Performed an analysis of our current GIS environment, business processes, and current strategy, and made recommendations on a new strategy.  
  • Deployment of Airtame to all Conference Room Screens - Enabled laptop users to cast their screens wirelessly to TVs and monitors. 
  • Establish an IT PMO - Established a formal Information Technology Project Management Office (IT PMO)
  • HR Open Enrollment for 2018 Benefits - Updated employee self-service web portal for open enrollment navigation, logic, and updated look and feel to modernize the site. 
  • Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) Implementation - Established an Infrastructure Management System (IMS) to maintain an up-to-date inventory of the City's infrastructure, its maintenance needs, and available funding.  
  • Next Generation Computers Assessment - Evaluated and proposed recommendations for the next generation City computers.

2016 - Top Highlights

  • Cloud-based Communication and Productivity Suite Implementation - Moved to an online-based communication and collaboration suite. 
  • Police Department Network Upgrade - Enhanced the City's Police Department telephone system and network. 
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Implementation - Purchased and implemented an IVR system for the Utilities Department. 
  • Barracuda Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client and Windows Server VPN Decommission - Deployed a more secure VPN solution for the City that will align with the City's multi-year information security Strategy. 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Central Component Additional Storage - Added additional storage to the Enterprise Central Component (ECC) environment for the Utilities Department.

2015 - Top Highlights

  • Information Security Risk Assessment - Conducted an information security risk assessment for IT infrastructure, including assets, applications and network architecture.
  • Business Registry Certification System Implementation – Deployed Cloud-based system that obtains real data behind the employment in Palo Alto business districts.
  • Fire Vehicle Technology Refresh - Replaced end of life Fire Mobile Data Computers and deployed 42 new MDCs for the Fire personnel that report patient care information & inspections.
  • Internet Redundancy Implementation - Implemented disaster recovery and business continuity for internet services.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Evaluation - The scope of this project included having an ERP consultant perform an analysis of our current SAP environment, business processes and strategy. Evaluated the ERP market place and helped the City determine a refreshed vision for our ERP needs. View the Plante Moran final report .
  • PC and Data Center Cloud Back-ups - Implemented automatic online backups for our critical systems for disaster recovery purposes to ensure data is easily retrievable and easy to maintain. 
  • Parking Permit Replacement - This project provides customers with an on-line presence which they can apply for, track, and pay for their Parking Permit requests.
  • e911 Implementation – Implemented e911 functionality to VoIP (Voice over IP) service to automatically provide emergency service personnel a 911 caller’s call back number and location information for City staff.
  • New Mitchell Park Library & Community Center Technology Implementation - Implemented all of the necessary technology for the new Mitchell Library and Community Center location opening.

2014 - Top Highlights

  • Class Upgrade/Replacement - Upgrade the City's Class platform, an online calendar utilized for coordinating a variety of recreation programs, to a cloud-based solution.
  • e911 Implementation -  Implement e911 functionality to VoIP (Voice over IP) service to automatically provide emergency service personnel a 911 caller’s call back number and location information. 
  • Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) Assessment - This project identifies a contract firm to establish a plan for implementing an Infrastructure Management System (IMS) to maintain an up-to-date inventory of the City's infrastructure, its catch-up and keep-up needs, and available funding. The vendor will assess the current infrastructure management data, inventory the General Fund assets, categorize the assets, and provide a recommendation of 5-10 appropriate vendors with a preferred vendor identified.
  • Enterprise-class WiFi for City Buildings Implementation - Architect, configure, deploy, monitor, maintain all Aerohive Wireless Access Points across City facilities.
  • Main Library Renovation Technology Implementation - Procurement, configuration & installation of bondable & non-bondable equipment. Equipment includes new computers, new monitors, smartboards, network printers, WiFi and digital signage.
  • New Mitchell Park Library & Community Center Technology Implementation - The goal of this project is to implement all of the necessary technology for the new Mitchell Library and Community Center location opening.
  • Parking Permit System Replacement - The scope of this project is to replace the current Parking Permit system which resides on the IFAS system. Also, to provide customers with an on-line presence which they can apply for, track, and pay for their Parking Permit requests.
  • Tri-City Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Upgrade - Implement network connectivity and redundancy for new Computer Aided Dispatch system that will be used jointly by the City of Palo Alto, The City of Mountain View and The City of Los Altos to improve the information-sharing between the 911 centers of the 3 cities.

2013 - Top Highlights

  • Accela Permit Software Upgrade - Upgraded the City’s permit system from Accela Classic version to V360.
  • Childrens Theatre On-Line Ticketing System Implementation - Implemented a new, state-of-the-art, online ticketing system.
  • CityCamp Palo Alto - The City held the largest outdoor civic innovation event in America. The day brought together local government leaders and staff, local organizations, businesses, visitors, and community members. The event included idea generation, a mini-maker faire, talks, discussions, music, food, and much more.
  • Cogswell Plaza Free WiFi Implementation - Installed a free Wi-Fi hotspot in Cogswell Plaza in downtown Palo Alto. The project is a public-private partnership to explore the interest in a larger deployment of WiFi in Palo Alto parks.
  • Firewall Replacement - Deployed a next generation network firewall to protect the City’s information systems.
  • Intranet Replacement - Designed, developed, and deployed a new City intranet, called CityConnect, to organize and make available essential content and services for City staff. 
  • NetMotion Wireless Mobility XE Upgrade - Upgraded the public safety NetMotion application to current version. 
  • Open GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) Implementation - Designed, developed, and deployed a new platform to post GIS data for community use. See more at Open GIS
  • PaloAlto311 Mobile App Implementation - Implemented a smartphone application to provide Palo Alto residents, businesses, and visitors access to a set of local government-provided services, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • SalesForce Chatter Implementation - Implemented SalesForce Chatter, a social collaboration platform for City staff, to connect people and information and enable easier access to expertise.
  • Windows 7 and Office 2010 Upgrade - Upgraded all City PCs—approximately 1000 machines--to Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010.  

2012 - Top Highlights

  • City of Palo Alto Open Data platform – Implemented world-class platform for publishing data stored by the City in a form that anyone can easily access and use. Platform supports transparency and accountability for departments. Data is available for developers to build useful applications for the community.
  • Developed City IT strategy - Developed a 3-year overall City IT strategy, which included the creation of a new, innovative operating model for City IT. As a complement, we also created a new GIS strategy, an information security strategy, and a data center strategy.
  • Implemented new technology in support of new art center - Launched the new Art Center with new Avaya VoIP phone system, new computers, and Wi-Fi. Introduced top-of-the-line laptops in a new computer lab to support Project Look, which teaches kids art in the form of technology.
  • Launched redesigned website - As a result of the three-year engagement with public Website Advisory Committee (WAC), site was launched in Beta for sixty days to collect public feedback which was incorporated into the design prior to launch.
  • My Utilities Account (MUA) Enhancements - Added self-service management feature with My Utilities online portal to allow customers to turn off service online. Enhanced credit card payment feature, clarity of error messages and notification to increase user friendliness for customers.
  • New network – Implemented a new, high-speed Cat 6E network for the City.
  • New telephones - Implemented new state-of-the art telephone system that provides higher reliability, new features, and lower power consumption.
  • Open budget – Designed and co-developed a highly innovation budget visualization and open financial platform called Open Budget.
  • Security process for new online applications – Implemented new rigorous process for evaluating the security of online City application and associated forms to help support the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information stored and used by City applications provided over the Internet.

2011 - Top Highlights

  • Citywide CalPERS interface: Established payroll, medical and retiree enrollment interfaces with a new web based CalPERS system to provide faster and more reliable service to CalPERS customers.  The new web based platform will extend the self-service capabilities, offering flexible and responsive services for all CalPERS business partners.
  • Citywide Council Chambers Technology Upgrade:  Two High Definition projectors and a new sound system were installed in the City Council Chambers, greatly improving the sound and clarity of speakers and presentations. 
  • Citywide Facilities Energy Conservation Management:  Established interfaces between SAP and an external Environmental and Energy Management partner HARA to track City conservation,  greenhouse emissions and electricity usage at facility level to enable departments to compare actual data with set goals.
  • Citywide Windows 7 and Office 2010 Readiness Assessment:  Each and every department’s desktop PC and applications were tested for Windows 7 compatibility and a migration plan developed.  City Staff was surveyed to define needed training requirements for this migration
  • Citywide Wireless Access: Installed wireless network access points in twenty two public locations including Civic Center, Libraries, Lucille Stern, Art Center and Landfill
  • Fire Mobile Data Computers: Deployment of  Mobile Data Computers to Palo Alto Fire vehicles and ambulances as well as Stanford Police cars for Public Safety.  Deployment of tablets and Wireless Access Points in new ambulances.
  • Police Department Mobile Emergency Operating Center (MEOC):  Providing a ‘docking’ area with full connectivity for the MEOC to use as a backup facility for the 911 communications center on the ‘A’ level of City Hall.
  • Public Safety Damage Assessment Application: A free Android mobile application that enables the public the collection of disaster data damage for any address in the City of Palo Alto. It integrates mapping with reporting capabilities.  
  • Public Safety Vehicle Tracking: Equipped public safety units with mapping capabilities including real-time incident and vehicle tracking.
  • Public Works Street Works Web-Page: An on-line map providing live access to street work and repairs.