Mobile Government strategy is an integral part of the City's long-term multi-faceted approach to citizen engagement and improvement in the efficiency of delivering information and services.  Mobile technology is uniquely positioned to deliver government services anytime, anywhere due to the ubiquitous nature of these devices. In addition, innovations in mobile technology can accelerate the delivery of government services, resulting in greater citizen involvement and participation.

Taken from the "City Council Staff Report" for a 2/13/12 scheduled meeting:
"In the public safety area, GIS-based tools (CADStat) support the City's Computer Aided Dispatch(CAD) system making real-time incident information available in the Dispatch Center, as well as police and fire mobile units. At a glance, dispatchers can view dispatched incidents, and the location of mobile assets, using Automated Vehicle Location technology. This provides Staff with a "big picture" of what's going on as well as specifics of the incident they are responding to. This agreement will extend these capabilities to other mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet devices. Geodesy will be instrumental in integrating CADStat with the new multi-jurisdiction CAD system developed jointly by the City of Mountain View, City of Los Altos, and City of Palo Alto over the coming year."