Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

The City of Palo Alto GIS uses advanced mapping tools to integrate geographically-referenced data across the enterprise enabling other systems, departments, and the public to share information, to increase productivity, to avoid data redundancy, and to foster collaboration and transparency.

GIS recently launched its Open GIS portal to gradually release to the public and application developers, hundreds of layers of spatial data created and catalogued by the GIS over the last 20 years. The data is being made available through Google Fusion Tables (Beta)—a technique for providing open data that can be queried, mapped, charted, and mashed together. Developers can extend the power of Fusion Tables  using the Fusion Tables API and by using FusionTablesLayers in the Google Maps API.

In a continued effort to serve residents, GIS has added an interactive map to the City's web site accessible from any web browser to view planned and ongoing street work carried out by Public Works. GIS has also deployed 'Palo Alto Recon', an Android mobile application to enable residents to communicate and report damage to the City Emergency Response Center when a disaster occurs.

GIS collaborates closely with the Fire and Police Departments, and organized community groups in the areas of public safety and emergency response to aid the public during a disaster.  All police vehicles laptops are equipped with CADStat, GIS, and mobile applications that allow officers to communicate with the Emergency Operations Center and to track vehicles and incidents on a live map.

Our team is firm in its commitment to bring our city cutting edge technology to leverage and deliver spatially valued information.

Infrastructure Information Related to Telecommunications

  • Infrastructure Information (ZIP)
    Zip file contains GIS data in shape file, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel format:
    FileList.txt, IC_AD1.DBF, IC_AD1.prj, IC_AD1.shp, IC_AD1.shx, NcToShape.log

    BL_B2.DBF, BL_B2.prj, BL_B2.shp, BL_B2.shx, BL_B3.DBF, BL_B3.prj, BL_B3.shp, BL_B3.shx, FileList.txt,

    FileList.txt, NcToShape.log, PL_C3.DBF, PL_C3.prj, PL_C3.shp, PL_C3.shx
    AddressParcelJoins_public.mdb, AddressParcelJoins_public_explanation.txt, AP_AP3.DBF, AP_AP3.prj,                 
    AP_AP3.shp, AP_AP3.shx, FileList.txt, NcToShape.log

    Pavement Condition Index Score 14Apr2014 - Public.xlsx

    FileList.txt, NcToShape.log, PR_PGS2.DBF, PR_PGS2.prj, PR_PGS2.shp, PR_PGS2.shx, PR_PPV2.DBF,     
    PR_PPV2.prj, PR_PPV2.shp, PR_PPV2.shx, PR_PSD2.DBF, PR_PSD2.prj, PR_PSD2.shp, PR_PSD2.shx,     
    PR_PSW2.DBF, PR_PSW2.prj, PR_PSW2.shp, PR_PSW2.shx, PR_PWT2.DBF, PR_PWT2.prj, PR_PWT2.shp,                
    CG_EB1.DBF, CG_EB1.prj, CG_EB1.shp, CG_EB1.shx, CG_EB2.DBF, CG_EB2.prj, CG_EB2.shp, CG_EB2.shx,                
    CG_EB3.DBF, CG_EB3.prj, CG_EB3.shp, CG_EB3.shx, CG_ET4.DBF, CG_ET4.prj, CG_ET4.shp, CG_ET4.shx,                
    CG_RB2.DBF, CG_RB2.prj, CG_RB2.shp, CG_RB2.shx, CG_RT4.DBF, CG_RT4.prj, CG_RT4.shp, CG_RT4.shx,                
    FileList.txt, NcToShape.log
    FileList.txt, IC_RD2.DBF, IC_RD2.prj, IC_RD2.shp, IC_RD2.shx, NcToShape.log
    FileList.txt, NcToShape.log, PL_654.DBF, PL_654.prj, PL_654.shp, PL_654.shx, PL_673.DBF, PL_673.prj,   
    PL_673.shp, PL_673.shx, PL_PANA3.DBF, PL_PANA3.prj, PL_PANA3.shp, PL_PANA3.shx, PL_PANL4.DBF,                
    PL_PANL4.prj, PL_PANL4.shp, PL_PANL4.shx

    CITY OF PALO ALTO - Open Data Terms and Conditions of Use (3-24-14).pdf