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Bring your experience, skills and worldview into public service at the City of Palo Alto. 

Working at the City of Palo Alto gives you an opportunity to think about the complex challenge of redefining the role of municipal government in the immediacy of the digital revolution. 

As a steward of the public trust, you will join an organization that strives for democratic, economical and ethical service to the citizens of the City of Palo Alto.

If you're interested in making a difference, we want to hear from you.

You have a unique opportunity to be a future member of the City of Palo Alto's Information Technology team. For our department, this is also a time to bring in new ideas and new leaders. We encourage you to reach deep into your networks, communities, friends, and relatives to help find candidates to apply to our openings here.

Currently we are recruiting for an exciting position:

Start Or Expand Your Municipal Career

We cordially invite you to bring your expertise and join the team of dynamic and dedicated technical professionals at the City of Palo Alto. 

Immediately below are the department position descriptions. Any current openings are listed under the Job Openings heading.

Job Openings

The City of Palo Alto uses cloud partner, NeoGov for candidate intake. The link below will take you to our pages at the NeoGov website.

Five Great Reasons to Join Our Technology Team

  1. Meaningful, Challenging Work
    Local government service is inherently meaningful because our work directly impacts the quality of life for everyone in our community.
  2. Benefits
    Local government service offers salaries that are competitive with the private sector as well as medical and retirement benefits.
  3. Growing Demand for Services
    There continues to be a significant demand for high quality public services. These are being increasingly enabled and supported by innovative technology.
  4. Learning Abounds
    Local governments operate in a very dynamic environment. Changing citizen demand, new federal and state laws and regulations and technology advances creates opportunities to learn new skills
  5. Plenty of Opportunities
    Longtime baby-boomer employees are now retiring. Local government needs a new generation of forward-thinking workers.

Who We Serve

The IT Department provides services to a variety of stakeholders.  Besides providing network and personal computers to staff employed at City Hall, IT supports the Development Center, the Municipal Service Center (MSC), libraries, community centers, the Utility Control Center (UCC), police, fire, emergency dispatch and many workers in the field for utilities, planning and public works.

The needs of City programs, facilities and City services can range from website customers, to deep support for embedded applications, applications in the field and enterprise apps.

Palo Alto IT staff brings a wide variety of skill sets to the table in order to support the multitude of needs of our colleagues. Join our team and be instrumental in bringing municipal government into the twenty-first century.