Technology Partners

"" ACA (Accela Citizen Access)
The ACA system enables agencies to reduce paperwork and improve response time to the public. Citizens can engage with government agencies on their schedule, and without costly and often time-consuming trips to agency offices. With ACA, agencies can move traditional counter services to the Web and realize the benefits of providing 24-hour self-service online for the public to apply for certain permits, schedule an inspection, search permit records, and check the status of their projects. The ACA system will allow the Development Services Department to improve customer service by enabling citizens and business professionals to apply and pay for permits, licenses, renewals and schedule inspections online, anytime. This new version of the City’s online system is much more user friendly and offers expanded functionality.
"" BUILDINGEYE visualizes on a map Building Permit information being processed by the City of Palo Alto and makes it easy for anyone to see what development is happening in their area. Icons are color coded, blue for new applications and green for those that have been issued. Search by zip code, neighborhood or address to see what’s under construction. Click on the icon and it will display the address, a detailed description and a link back to the building permit file on the City website. Both commercial and residential permits are shown.

Subscribe to receive real-time status updates about building permits you care about, directly to your inbox! Whether you are a property owner or building professional looking to avoid costly delays on your own projects, or just a resident curious about a new construction site in your neighborhood, Civic Insight makes it easy to keep track of the progress of construction projects throughout Palo Alto. Search for a specific address or browse citywide using targeted search filters, and keep track of all the projects you care about in one place.


Created and developed through a collaboration of innovative waste management and technology leaders, Green Halo Systems is the first fully integrated web based waste management software solution of its kind to be introduced to the market. Green Halo eliminates the need for paper-based systems. Green Halo allows contractors, recyclers, and other entities to comply with local, state and federal recycling guidelines with incredible accuracy and efficiency. Green Halo also enables contractors, recyclers, cities and county authorities to interact and communicate seamlessly throughout the progression of a construction project. User-friendly and intuitive, the system provides valuable tools for maintaining a sustainable construction waste management plan while yielding real time, and historical data, charts, graphs and reports.

The Development Services Department offers open permit data sets on an almost real-time basis, with updates posted to the open data site on a daily basis The recently launched open permit data set allows public review of permit data. Palo Alto is the first city to release permit data for both those under review and that have been issued. These sets makes data more readily available for civic innovators and application developers and enhances greater connectivity to the community.