Fire Prevention Bureau

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Our Mission

The mission of the Palo Alto Fire Prevention Bureau, within the city's Development Center, is to provide quality and timely development services. Our fire prevention staff performs fire plan checks, reviews, permitting, and field inspections. Our goal is to accommodate all requests for service in a time frame that meets our customer's needs.

Most Popular

Important Notice on Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm Requirements

Here will you find the current local ordinance requirements as they relate to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


Contractors Information

Fire Department Fiscal Year 2019 Fee Schedule 
Here you find the fire departments current fee schedule for permits and inspections.

A Notice Regarding the Fire Protection System Reporting Requirements
Owners or operators of facilities with fire protection systems are required under the California Fire Code to record all required inspections. Here you find information and requirements.

Fire Engine and Ladder Truck Checklist and Specifications
This checklist includes but is not limited to information the Palo Alto Fire Department may require for new commercial structures or residential developments with 3 or more units when submitting for plan review.      

Fire Sprinkler Installation Guidelines
This guideline has applicable instructions to installation of fire sprinkler systems regulated by the City of Palo Alto.

Pre-incident Plan Guide
This brochure provides instructions and symbols to create your own pre-incident plan. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
The following diagram shows examples of locations for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 

Welding Inspection Log

Palo Alto Fire Department pipe weld inspection log. 

General Forms

Request For Information Form

Fire Prevention Bureau request for information form.

Special Event Permit Application 
Here you can download the special event permit application and instructions.

Special Event Checklist Draft

This checklist is a list of common issues that may need to be addressed for any special event happening within the City of Palo Alto. 

Special Event With Open Flame Requirements
Information if your special event will include open flames or flame producing items.

Use and Occupancy Certificate Applications
Here you will find requirement information and application for a Use and Occupancy Certificate.         

Hazardous Materials

Electronic Submission of Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP)
Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBPs) and Registration ('Short') Forms must be submitted electronically via the CERS website ( HMBP are required for any business with on-site hazardous materials. 

Dry-Cleaning Facility Compliance Guide
Hazardous materials inspection guide for dry-cleaning facilities.

Groundwater and Soil Contamination Guidelines
These are guidelines for potential soil or groundwater contamination at proposed project sites.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide
Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide.

Hazardous Materials Disclosure Statement
Hazardous Materials Disclosure checklist - required for all projects.

Hazardous Materials Related Projects Plan Submittal Guidelines
Plan submittal guidelines for hazardous materials related projects.

Hazardous Materials Storage Secondary Containment Standards
Hazardous Materials Storage Secondary Containment Standards.

Medical and Dental Fixed Oxidizing Gas Systems
Medical and Dental Fixed Oxidizing Gas Systems.

Toxic Gas Matrix
Common toxic gases as defined by the toxic gas ordinance and CFC. 

Underground Storage Tank Sites
Here you will find a list of underground storage tank sites in Palo Alto.