Residential Inspection Guidelines

Contractors working in Palo Alto can download inspection guidelines to help comply with 2016 California Residential Code, Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy Code, and Electrical Code requirements and provide insight about what to expect during an inspection. The Inspection Voice Response (IVR) number(s) are in front of the inspection title.

 1.0 GENERAL    
    How to Read Changes, Municipal Code Requirements, and Best Practices 
    Common Errors and Pitfalls
    Living in House During Construction- Safety Requirements
    Construction Hours and Noise Limits
    Address and Premises Identification 
    Safety and Sanitation
    Neighborhood Watch Groups 
    Pollution Prevention
    Scheduling Inspections Time Allotments 
    Sequence of Inspections
   201 Pre-Demolition Utilities Removal  
   105 Demolition
    Special Inspection Requirements
   202 Temporary Power - Residential
   108 Construction Power - Residential 
   204 Foundation Inspection

Concrete/Paving Entries and Exits

    Concrete Landings/Porch/Patio and Steps 
   208 Basement Slab and Walls
   206 Post Tension Slab
   205 Pier and Grade Beam Inspection
   210 Shotcrete Inspection
   206 Slab on Grade/Elevated Slabs Inspection
   207 Masonry
   212, 213 Joist and Underfloor Combo
   214 Underfloor Insulation 
 5.0 FRAMING    
   215 Daylight Plane
   216 Roof/Exterior Sheathing/Structural Frame Inspection
   216 Structural Insulated Panels (S.I.P.)
    Handrails, Guards, and Stairs 
    Manufactured Homes
   302 Steel Stud Framing
 6.0 EXTERIOR    
   218 Exterior Lath
   218 Exterior Wall Covering/Siding
   801-808 Roofing 
    Roof Drains
 7.0 ALL TRADES    
   220 All Trades Inspection
    Makeup Air
    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    Exterior Deck & Membrane Test
    Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupted (AFCI) Requirements
 8.0 INTERIOR     
   235 Insulation
   243 Drywall Inspection
   244  Tile Lath

Steam Shower

   246 Panel Torque Inspection
    Sub Panel Inspection
   247 Hot Check
   222 Gas Meter Release 
   405 Electric Meter Release
    Joint Trench Inspection
 11.0 FINAL    
   101 Final
    Bathroom Inspection
    Kitchen Inspection
    Garage Conversion Requirements
 13.0 FIREPLACES    
    Fireplace Chimney Transition Frame
   239, 245 Factory Built Fireplace and Hearth 
 14.0 TITLE 24 - ENERGY    
    Lighting Requirements
    Title 24 - Energy Requirements
 15.0 MECHANICAL     
   605 Air Conditioning Compressor 
    Furnace and Water Heater Occupancy Separation
    Combustion Air for Gas Appliances
   609 Furnace (Attic)
   609 Furnace (Closet/Alcove)
   609 Furnace (Floor)
   609 Furnace (Wall)
    Gas Vent Termination 
   613 Roof Top Equipment
    Whole House Fan
 16.0 ELECTRICAL    
    Alternative Breakers
    Communication Circuits
    Electrical Conversion
   720, 246 EVSE Inspection
    Generator and Transfer Switches
    Low Voltage Lighting Systems (30V or Less)
   703, 246 Photovoltaic Inspection
 17.0 PLUMBING    
   224 Backwater Valve (Sewer)
   510 Backflow Prevention Water Supply
   602 Boiler
    Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST)
    Excessive Water Pressure
    Greywater Systems (Submittals & Inspections)
   610 Hyrdonics
    Pex Pipe
   508 Pipe Bursting 
   505 Repipe (Water Piping System)
   224 Sewer Replacement
    Septic Tank Removal
   241 Shower & Deck Pan
   512 Sumps and Sewage Ejectors
   704, 705, 706 Solar Water Heating Pools
    Solar Water Heating Domestic 
   504 Tankless Water Heater
   225 Water Service
   503 Water Heater
   503, 246 Heat Pump Water Heater 
    Underslab/Structure Gas Piping
   203 Underslab and Slab Plumbing 
   222 Whole House Gas Test
 19.0 FIRE    
    Major Causes of Fire
    After Fire Occupancy 
    Wildland Urban Interface 
 20.0 POOLS    
   901, 902 Pool & Spa Demolition
   903, 904, 905, 906 Pool, Spas, and Fountains 
    Bollard Specification
    Palo Alto Fence Code
   240 Fire Pit and BBQ
    Special Flood Hazard Areas
    Protection of Excavations
    Survey Letter Requirements 
    Tree Removal Procedure
    Window Replacement 
    Alternative Materials and Method Application
    Electrical Service Application
    Utility Disconnect/Reconnect
    Photovoltaic Electrical Load Sheet
    Conditional Meter Release or Construction Power
    Temporary Certificate of Occupancy 
    Temporary Electrical Service
    Utilities Demolition Declaration of Tenancy 
    Application for Utility Disconnections 
    Gas Meter Removal Application
    Utilities Application Form/Load Sheet
 23.0 SERVICES    
    Special Inspection Agencies 
    Inspection Voice Response System 
City of Palo Alto Guide Books are intended to help permit holders prepare for and pass inspections, providing a path to successful completion of all project types. By taking a systematic approach, we have attempted to provide a “comprehensive checklist” for many types of projects. Guide Books are not to be confused with Code Books (California Title 24). Guide Books reference state, local codes and adoptive ordinances, but do not supersede them. Guide Books are available for Commercial, Residential, Tenant Improvements, Electrical, Roofing and other types of projects. We welcome any feedback you may have to help us improve these resources.