Building Permits


Permit Applications Accepted and Permits Issued Through Online Permitting Services System

Staff serve customers remotely via phone, email, and video conference. The Development Center remains closed to the public.

Through the Online Permitting Services (OPS) system, customers can submit applications for planning and building permits, as well as other City-issued permits. The City can continue to serve customers while the Shelter in Place Order continues. To begin a pre-application and learn more head to Online Permitting Services.

Online Permit Services

The following building permit categories are currently available to licensed contractors online through the Citizen Access Portal. For all other permit types and for owner builder permits please call (650) 329-2496 to schedule an appointment or to submit remotely.

  • Water Back Flow Device
  • Boiler replacement (same location less than 399k BTU)
  • Furnace Replacement (same location)
  • Repair Gas Leak
  • Repipe-Water Piping System
  • Re-Roof
  • Water Heater (No Tankless)
  • Window Retrofit (Residential Only)

Online Inspection Services and iRequest Mobile App

iRequest Mobile App – The mobile app is currently disabled. To schedule an inspection, please call (650) 329-2496 and press 2.

Accela Citizen Access (ACA) – View all Building or Fire permits, request single or multiple inspections, cancel or reschedule inspections and view inspection history

Building Permit Forms

A building permit is required before you undertake most types of construction. On this page you will find application forms and information, as well as additional information you may need to submit prior to obtaining a building permit, or starting construction.

Current permit application status updates are available online through our Citizen Access Portal
On this page:

  1. Building Permit Submittal Forms
  2. Residential Forms
  3. Commercial Forms
  4. Most used forms and information
  5. Other forms and information commonly needed for building permit submitta
  6. Permit fees - Please review the latest fee schedule. If there are questions, contact a Project Coordinator.
  7. Tree protection forms and tree information
  8. Public Works Department specifications (e.g. sidewalk, curb, and gutter replacement)
  9. Flood zone information
  10. Utility Forms and Handouts