Current Opportunities

2017 - 2018 Projects

Mapping Project
The Mapping Project allows youth in the community to learn, develop, and utilize technological skills to help map hospitals, shops, or other public spaces that are currently not on Google maps and Apple maps. With a community consisting of many technological advanced youth, this event will allow youth to utilize their skills to help various communities.

Scribere is an online literary journal for middle school and high school aged youth that provides writing feedback to aspiring writers. The submission process is quick, transparent and efficient. Scribere is published four times a year and their goals is to inspire youth creativity.

Stellar Science Enrichment
Stellar Science Enrichment connects Palo Alto high school mentors with at-risk elementary school students in Mountain View weekly to do hands-on science activities. This connection allows kids to reinforce science skills while helping teen mentors to build meaningful relationships, leadership skills, and their involvement in the broader community.

Super Smash Bro’s Tournament Series
Super Smash Bro’s Tournament aims at providing youth with the space and opportunity to meet other Bay Area teenagers who share similar interests in the video game. Through a friendly and competitive environment, this tournament allows teenagers to connect and interact.

Tibco Empower
Tibco Empower was a free summer coding camp for middle schoolers that aimed at teaching youth the basics of the programming language Python. Tibco Empower was one week long and located at the Tibco Headquarters in Palo Alto. Over the course of the week, students learned the fundamentals of Python, syntax and had the opportunity to utilize these concepts in projects they developed from scratch.

Past Projects

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