Danièle Archambault

Studio F-3

Visual Storytelling, Graphic Novel, Illustration. Mixed Media.  

Artist Statement

Danièle Archambault, Ph.D. (Linguistics). I am an artist, author and researcher who is interested in visual storytelling as a way to document a society’s cultural, history and linguistic landscape. I am the author of three main graphic memoir series: Stairway stories, Québec-California, and Une année sans alcool (A Year Without a Drink). I usually start my artwork by first penciling my drawings on high quality art paper and then adding black India ink on top of the pencil drawings. It’s in the coloring process that I tend to do the most exploration. While I like experimenting with new types of digital art and digital painting, I often use a simpler and more traditional medium like colored pencils and watercolor pencil to enhance the personal and intimate aspect of a story. 

I have had solo and group exhibitions (juried) in Canada and in the United States. I am a regular guest speaker on documenting culture and dialects through comics at various educational and cultural institutions. I teach graphic novel and illustration at the Palo Alto Art Center and other educational venues, from primary school to university level. Originally from Montréal, I now live in Palo Alto, where I am an artist-in-residence in the CASP program, since 2014

Recent Works

Daniele Archambault Montreal Summer Stroll Graphic Novel

Montreal Summer Stroll (2014): Pen, Watercolor, and digital art. 9 X 12 in

Daniele Archambault Fete-Dieu

Fete-Dieu (2017); Pen and digital art. 11 x 17 in

Daniele Archambault Going on Summer Vacation

Going on Summer Vacation; Pen and Watercolor, 9 x 12 in 

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For more information, visit Daniele Archambualt's Website and the web comic, Une Annee sans Alcool (A Year Without a Drink).

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