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Middle School Athletics


JLS girls's volleyball team

The Middle School Athletics Program is run by the City of Palo Alto's Community Services Department with the support of the Palo Alto Unified School District. Our mission is to provide a safe and positive after-school environment where students can take pride in representing their school in league play. Only 6th-8th grade students at JLS, Fletcher or Greene Middle Schools are eligible to participate.


Program Logistics

All schools participate in the Art David Athletic League, which includes a school in Half Moon Bay. Game schedules and carpooling information will be provided at Parent Night. Transportation is not provided! Practice and game schedule information is located on the registration form, and vary by school.

For more information about Parent Night and other important announcements, please be sure to list your email address upon registration.


The registration process staggers; each school will get a set date to begin registering for MSA. (Please see dates listed on registration form). Registration forms will be accepted on the published dates on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 8:30am. No early registration forms will be accepted.

You may submit completed registration forms by emailing them to by faxing it to 650-251-9109 or registering online.   

Please note that walk-in registrations will only take place at the Mitchell Park Community Center (3700 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303)

Refund Policy

Cancellation requests must be submitted 5 business days prior to the 1st week of practice. We will place a credit on your Enjoy account that can be applied to another course. The credit-on-account must be used within one (1) year from the date the credit-on-account is issued, or the City will refund any amount (if a balance remains after a $15 processing charge per course is deducted) then due to the individual. If you prefer to receive a refund, a $15 processing charge will be deducted from each course fee.

Skill Evaluations

Volleyball and basketball teams have 2 divisions, “A” and “B”. Divisions are determined by the coaches at skill evaluations, which take place 2 – 3 days before practice begins. Absolutely no refunds will be granted for not making the “A” team. If your child is selected for the “A” team and would like to play on the “B” team, please contact the Athletic Director to discuss a transfer. Players are not allowed to participate in both divisions.

The “A” league is more competitive and “A” teams will play the most competitive teams in the league. Participants are encouraged to attend practice as often as possible and practices may take place more than 3 times a week. Playing time can be used as a penalty for an unexcused absence.

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Chase Hartmann
MSA Coordinator
Phone: 650-329-2464
Fax: 650-251-9109


Kylie Crandall

Assistant Director of MSA

Phone: 650-333-8030

Kevin Virrey
JLS Middle School AD


Patrick Rode
Greene Middle School AD

Joshua Jackson
Fletcher Middle School AD

Registration Forms
JLS MSA Registration Form
Fletcher MSA Registration Form
Greene MSA Registration Form

Driving Addresses
Fee Reduction Application