Yishu Wang

Studio E-6

Printmaking / Book Art / Painting

Artist Statement

Yishu is an artist work with the media of painting, printmaking and book art. She utilizes the silkscreen and intaglio techniques to express my experiences of living abroad. These situations are difficult but it challenges me to examine my life and artistic production. 

This exploration has led me to combine the figure and landscape as a way of expressing how place can define an individual. The combination of figure and landscape expresses the emotion of the individual relating to circumstance.

Recent Works

Yishu Wang Besieged by Last Night

Besieged By Last Night, 2015, Screen Print, 8.5” x 16"

Yishu Want Summer Go Home

Summer, Go Home, 2017, Book Art, Screen Print, 5” x 8"

Yishu Want L'ilse Joyeuse

L'ilse Joyeuse, 2015, Book Art, Screen Print, 7 x 6.5"

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