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Artist Statement

Art duo t.w.five takes a collaborative approach to their art-making. Coming from different artistic practices—silkscreen printing/photography and painting—and different continents—Europe and South America—their work, at its core, reflects a collective representation of their individual journeys. t.w.five synthesizes shared experiences into a vibrant, welcoming landscape that reflects the positive nature of multiculturalism and cultural globalization. 

t.w.five begins their creative process with a deep dive into the Google image search abyss. Using atypical search terms, they source imagery from politically charged historical moments and recontextualize the event into a semi-abstracted, technicolor environment, imbued with modern inclusivity and relatability. Working with two minds and four hands, the duo uses only three items: scissors, x-acto knives and a wide selection of colorful self-adhesive, vinyl. The hand-cut shapes start as nonobjective elements that slowly build up into recognizable subjects as a form is molded from many layers of material, much like a sculptor or painter might do. The result is a delicate balance of bold open space with highly intricate and complex shapes and cuts. 

The surprising use of a relatively utilitarian material coupled with t.w.five’s unique technique and deep understanding of form and color offers a new way for audiences to experience the expressive, storytelling abilities of art. The duo’s main artistic goal is to create work that is for everyone—not just the art educated eye.

Recent Works

t.w.five Headlands Center for the Arts installation

Headlands Center for the Arts, 2016, Adhesive Vinyl Full Studio Installationt.w.five Museum of Craft and Design Installation

Museum of Craft and Design, 2018, Site Specific Adhesive Vinyl t.w.five stARTup Art Fair installation

stARTup Air Fair, 2017, Printed Adhesive Vinyl on Whole Street Block

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