Pantea Karimi

Studio F-6

Printmaking, Installation, Mixed-Media

Artist Statement

Pantea Karimi works with installation, prints, virtual reality and video projection. Her work is an exploration into the pages of medieval and early modern scientific manuscripts, Persian, Arab and European as well as the long-term exchange of scientific knowledge across these cultures. She examines how illustrations in ancient scientific manuscripts played a role in communicating knowledge and how the broader aesthetic considerations of science were closely related to art. Karimi’s fine arts and graphic works are in public and private collections and have been featured in several publications in Iran, Italy, Croatia, the UK and the United States. Her prints and digital works have been exhibited in diverse solo, group and traveling exhibitions in Iran, Algeria, Germany, Croatia, Mexico, the UK, and the US, including the de Young Museum and the Yerba Buena Art Center in San Francisco, 2012 ZERO1 Biennial, the Google Company and the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. She is the recipient of the 2016-2017 Kala Fellowship-Residency Award; the 2010 Distinguished Artist Award by the City of Cupertino Fine Arts Commission; the 2011 Multicultural Arts Leadership Initiative Fellowship. She lives in San Jose, and maintains a studio in Cubberley Studios in Palo Alto, CA.

Recent Works 

Pantea Karimi Folding Gardens

Folding Gardens, 2017, digital prints on silk organza, rods and threads, 10x7'. Installation view: Kala Art Institute.

Pantea Karimi Hybrid Volvelles

Hybrid Volvelles, 2015, Wood panels, watercolor, ink and silkscreen on paper and fasteners.

Pantea Karimi Sidereal Messenger

Sidereal Messenger, 2017, silkscreen on laser-cut and laser-etched wood panels, acrylic and ink. After Galileo's Starry Messenger treatise, 17th c. and Alhazen's anatomy of the eye diagram, 11th c. Installation view at Nasa Ames Research Center, Singularity University

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