Harumo Sato

Studio U-2

Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Harumo Sato is a California based Japanese visual artist who graduated from University at Buffalo in 2015. In questioning our busy and highly industrialized daily lives, she translates old mythological analogy and allegory imagery into the modern, colorful, and unique visual images. In her art practice, she uses various patterns and colors to create visual pleasure and vivacious energy with the combination of screen prints, Japanese watercolor, sumi ink, oil pastel, and acrylic. Sato has exhibited her work in two recent solo shows. Puku Puku Bubbles (Art Attack SF, 2018) and Wild Patterns (Phantom Galleries, 2018).

She also creates whimsical and colorful illustrations not only for her own illustration shop “Harumo Bakery” but also for organizations and companies including SJMADE, San Jose TAIKO, and San Jose Japantown etc.

Recent Works

Harumo Sato Animal Power

Animal Power, 2018, Sumi ink, oil pastel, acrylic on canvas, 26 x 48"


Harumo Sato Food Chain

Food Chain, 2018, Screen print, sumi ink, acrylic on watercolor paper, 24 x 36"


Harumo Sato Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field, 2017, Sumi ink, acrylic, Japanese watercolor, screen printing, on watercolor paper, 22 x 33"

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For more information, visit Harumo Sato's fine art and illustration websites.

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