Elizabeth D. Foggie

Studio E-1

Mixed Media

Artist Statement 

Elizabeth D. Foggie is a professional artist who works intermodally in the visual arts, story forms, movement and voice to explore the connection of the personal and the communal, and the intersection of life and art. Her visual arts work is bold, engaging, symbolic and at times surreal.

Elizabeth is a process artist who enjoys collaborative encounters of artistic exchange. She is inspired by adventurous travel, cultural immersion and ancient healing arts traditions and symbols. Her creative explorations have taken her to Latvia, Northern Thailand, Berlin, Switzerland, Haiti and Iceland.

Elizabeth seeks to catalyze community through shared creative space and transformative experiences that facilitate a timeless sensorial response. Whether performance, installation, workshop or a painting, creative transmission lends itself to a blending of forms until the space is filled with something palpable, something real, something felt by  those who are present, open and ready to receive the gift.

Faded, Mixed media on canvas, 20" x 16".
Twigs and dried flower petals fade into odd angles, shadows and sepia tones of the composition.

Not Precious, Mixed Media on wood, 46" x 31".
Painted simultaneously with others in the series "Coming into Form", specifically delves into the question of “What if this painting is not precious?”, confronting the expectation often unconsciously embedded in the creation process and the resistance and anxiety that paralyzes the process.

Repetition, Mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24".
Bold colors and repeating lines mix with accents of chalk and charcoal to engage the viewer.

Contact Info

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