Elizabeth Bennett

Studio U-2


Artist Statement

I am interested in institutional and individual attempts to organize the chaotic.  

In institutional settings, my work takes the form of interventions that are often subversive, humorous, and absurd as I play with the rules governing spaces I negotiate daily. I imagine what might happen if I push regulations to an extreme, or usurp the power to make new rules. One such body of work is a response to commuting in Bay Area traffic.  

As an individual, my own attempts to order the chaotic extend to phenomenological mark making in which I look for ways to generate random marks then try to influence the outcome, to control the uncontrollable, and harness unseen natural forces with human intention. One of the processes I have developed is drawing with static electricity.

My most recent work has veered toward text based art, that strange hybrid between language and visual imagery.  The content of these writings spans a wide range from playful to serious as I seek out a moral order in the mundane and broader social issues. 

The through line in these varied works is the human search for meaning through order, and the arbitrary nature of the order we create. 

Recent Works

Elizabeth Bennett Primary Color

Primary Color, 2015/2016, Intervention on curb

Elizabeth Bennett, Banana

Banana, 2018, screen print grocery bag, 17” x 12” x 7”

Elizabeth Bennett, Accumulation 1
Accumulation 1, 2015, ink drawn via static electricity, 60” x 66”

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