Christine Gray

Studio F-5


Artist Statement

Through my paintings, I negotiate the complex notions of reality explained by physics and an intuitive sense of reality experienced directly through the senses. This leads me to describe a realm beyond visual perception which I depict with abstract elements and layering techniques in my paintings. Optics, vision, insight, reading, study, and confusion are themes that relate to the tension of the perceptual vs. mathematical realities. They are explored through images of windows, telescopes, magnifying glasses, optical diagrams, unreadable books, and other objects collected to be studied and compared. Combining illusionistic painting with abstract elements operates as another parallel between perception and that which is beyond it.

Astigmat's Study, 2013, 48x36 inches, Oil on canvas over panel

Pink Wonder, 2013, 20x16 inches, Oil on canvas over panel

Case Study, 2013, 32x 60 inches, Oil on canvas over panel

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