Charles Coates

Studio U-4


Artist Statement

The desire to better myself is never ending. I draw a connection to the constant reconstruction of cathedrals, to my endless cycle of hope to one day become perfect. Gothic cathedrals depict the lasting divine glory of God. However, their perpetual endurance comes with the cost of ever present scaffolding, shrouding their body. I’m drawn to the juxtaposition of the temporal, makeshift frameworks and platforms, bandaging the idealistic facades. Cathedrals, like my body, are always in that uncomfortable in-between.

I see a tragic intimacy in one’s need to treat their virtual self with as much attention as their physical selves. I focus on the connection of computers to our bodies and how we constantly utilize them as conduits to project edited, ideal versions of ourselves. Ancient Greek sculptures have eroded through time, becoming “imperfect”, yet the sculptures still retain ideals of beauty. I recognize a parallel between our increasingly passive physical forms and the sculptures; we become anxious as we invest time molding ourselves into the way we wish to be seen through social networks. 

Recent Works

Charles Coates, Vision of Isidore
Vision of Isidore, 2014, 40” X 75" Woodcut on Japanese paper

Charles Coates, View of Augmentation
View of Augmentation, 2013, 40” X 60” Woodcut on Japanese paper

Charles Coates, Vision of Rehabilitation
Vision of Rehabilitation, 2013, 40” X 65” Woodcut on Japanese paper

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For more information, visit  Charles Coates's Website and visit the South Bay Urban Sketchers Meetup Group.

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