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Artist Statement

Carmina is an interdisciplinary artist who uses the familiarity of laundry lines, food, kitchen tables, and textiles to instigate dialogue, connection and reflection on culture, identity, and social issues. Her work often incorporates interaction, conversation, and installation.

Some of her past projects have included a project called “Cafe con Leche”, where participants are invited to mix coffee with milk to match their skin color and then to discuss what comes up for them. From that project came a project called “white passing” in which Carmina embroiders white text onto white handkerchiefs to explore the unease and anxiety as a Latina woman who passes as white.

Most recently Carmina created a work called “Corridos”, which began as a monologue about a patchwork skirt made of stories and star travel recounting childhood memories and bi-cultural exploration. The monologue inspired a physical installation of laundry lines with textile cyanotype photograms representing the memories and stories from the monologue.

When she is not making art, Carmina teaches photography to students of all ages. She is a Photography Instructor at Cabrillo College in Aptos and the Local Teaching Artist for Pablove Shutterbugs, a national photography education programs for children living with cancer.

Recent Works

Carmina Eliason ReMexico

ReMexico, 2015, Tortillas, Salsa, Conversation, Family Photographs

Carmina Eliason Cafe con Leche

Cafe con Leche, 2016-2018, Coffee, milk, conversation

Carmina Eliason Corridos

Corridos, 2017-2018, Performance and installation (Cyanotype on cotton panels, laundry lines)

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