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Artist Statement

Painting is a primal process of the mind and body melding materials into real images, into objects that are experienced and felt beyond a simple window to the world. My portraits reflect upon not only the sitter and the medium, but also the nature of portraiture in the digital age. I use subjects that I am familiar with that strike deep emotion or memory. I work from video, video stills and my memory to embody an expressive yet controlled portrait. Although I use digital technology to carefully record the sitter and analyze the movement and expression of the individual these works are more of an antithesis to the spectacle of the imagery that we are subjected to today through our society's addiction to digital information. I use color to convey emotion, to bend and pull the figure in a formal manner, to satisfy the composition. The mark of the brush is important in both its gesture and its depiction.

Recent Works

Andy Muonio Grab em and Kiss em

Grab 'em and Kiss 'em (diptych), 2017-18, acrylic on canvas and panel, 72 x 36 x 72"

Andy Muonio Untitled 1

Untitled (cropped), 2008, acrylic on paper, 72 x 101"Andy Muonio Untitled 2

Untitled (cropped), 2014, acrylic on paper, 48 x 60"

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