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Young boy
Our mission is to engage a child's curiosity in science and nature. We accomplish this mission through hands-on exhibits, play-based zoo experiences, and fun, educational programs.


Take a photo tour of the JMZ then come visit us! Also, check out this short video of a family's experience visiting the JMZ.

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo

Junior Museum & Zoo

Cubberley Auditorium

4050 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: 650-329-2111

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Museum Exhibits

Hydropower exhibit
The Hydropower Machine generates its own electricity in the exhibition, Clean Green Energy Machines.

Young boy playing at hydropower exhibit
Our hands-on exhibits promote experimentation. 

Boy interacting with Ball Machine.
A wildly popular exhibit for children of all ages  the Kid-Power Machine, is a ball machine that requires your child's energy to make it work. 

Two boys playing with Wind Power exhibit.
At the Wind Power Machine, kids move wind turbines around a city-scape to find the optimal locations to generate electricity using wind. 

Woman and young girl looking at preserved butterflies in museum exhibit.
In the BUZZZZ exhibition, children explore the world of bugs through hands-on exhibits, living insects and spiders, and pinned specimens from our entomology collection.

Girl dressed in praying mantis costume.
Dress-up in beautiful, handmade bug costumes. 

Two children crawling on climbing web.
Children pretend to be spiders in our climbing web. 

The Baby's Bramble exhibit.
Our babies-only zone features activities for our youngest visitors, including a soft sculpture monarch's chrysalis that you can put your baby inside of. 

Zoo Exhibits and Animals

You can get nose-to-nose with our bobcats at the Bobcat Ridge habitat.

Tule, our female bobcat, can be quite playful. 

Our boa constrictor, Cleo, goes for a swim in the duck pond. When we are closed to the public, we often take our animals out of their enclosures for exercise and enrichment.

Come meet one of our younger animals, Loki the raccoon. Like many of our animals, Loki was rescued. He lost an eye and would not survive if released in the wild. 

Dogo, a Von der Decken hornbill, is one of the beautiful and exotic birds in the Aviary. 

Edward, our African spurred tortoise, often takes a walk in the Zoo. Children delight in touching Edward and parading after him!

Children can move a solar panel away from the sun to affect the flow of the water in our Solar Power Fountain.

Nature Play

Set in a playful garden, the Stump Spiral is constructed of salvaged stumps and logs that create a winding, spiral pathway with attainable challenges for little jumpers. 

A young girl climbs a boulder in our nature-based sculpture play garden, The Kittens' Den.

Events and Programs

A young girl is amazed by a beetle at our Bug Fest event, 2012. 

Children cheer on their tortoises in the hatchling race at the members-only event, Reptile Rumpus, 2012. 

Sequoia, a bald eagle, has joined our zoo family. She has an injured wing and can not be released in the wild. She is a special guest at events and programs. 
Follow Sequoia on Twitter @paloalto_eagle.