Campaign for Exhibits

Contains the text, "You can build a child's foundation for science", with a child's hand holding an inscribed wooden block saying, "Thank you".

Why this is important

In its 86th year, the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo (JMZ) found itself constrained by a facility no longer reflecting its needs. Upon successful fundraising of more than $25 million dollars by the Friends of the JMZ, construction has begun.

The new facility will improve visitor services and be scaled to support its vibrant programs, exhibits, and cherished animals. Due to the effects of Covid-19, the re-opening of the Junior Museum & Zoo is planned for Spring 2020. Fundraising continues for new exhibits, which are essential to achieve the mission of engaging a child’s curiosity for science and nature.

Your donation will support exhibits

Concept drawing for "Curious by Nature" exhibit
 Concept drawing for "Curious by Nature" exhibit in new facility
  • Children learn through their senses. They touch, smell, listen, and look. Your donation will create sensory-rich exhibits in the zoo and museum.
  • Playing with blocks helps children learn about gravity and balance, develop their vocabularies, and improve their math skills. Your support will fund a new block play experience every 3 months.
  • Designers envision free science exhibits on the outdoor promenade and in adjacent park. Your gift will build these exhibits, which are truly a gift to the whole community.
  • The JMZ received a grant to work with the disability community to develop accessible exhibits for children and caregivers of ALL abilities. Your contribution will make unfunded inclusive experiences a reality.
  • Your commemorative block will become part of a community donor wall and will be displayed for a minimum of 15 years. Blocks may be custom inscribed with a name, a dedication, a memorial, or an inspirational quote. Schools may inquire about our class challenge.

Choose your Donor Block

 Child's hand placing an inscribed wooden block on top of a tower of various shaped inscribed blocks. Graphic displaying prices of different blocks.


    Make a donation today!


    Online: Donate at the Friends of the JMZ website.

    Thank you!

    Donors will be contacted via email with a receipt and to verify the inscription for their donor block. If you donated to the JMZ Initiative Capital Campaign, please contact the Friends of the JMZ to inquire about an inscribed donor block.

    What the new facility will look like

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    Concept art for new JMZ side entrance

    Did you know...

    • The JMZ was established in 1934 and served 200,000+ visitors and students in 2017.
    • The new zoo will be home to 50 animal species.
    • The JMZ designs its own custom exhibits.
    • Stanford University conducts research on child development at the JMZ.
    • JMZ educators teach science in 60 local schools and bring free programs to underserved districts.
    • Staff care for a collection of 3000+ museum objects.

    Donate today to support this important work and become a part of the new JMZ!