Explore Palo Alto!

Explore Palo Alto and discover all that the community has to offer. Explore maps, photos, and information about our neighborhood parks, open space preserves, walking and hiking trails, biking trails, camping, and more! 

There are also some incredible opportunities to create, view, and experience art through the Palo Alto Art Center, children's and adult art classes, and public art installations throughout the city. Discover the great opportunities in the arts that the City has to offer.

Enjoy your local Parks!
Pick any of the Palo Alto Parks for more details about each of our 36 local parks. You will find descriptions of each park, park locations, park maps, amenities, photos, and more.
There is lots to do and explore in our City's parks. Enjoy the park playgrounds, natural settings, athletic fields, pack a picnic, and have fun at the park.


Discover the Natural World
Explore the amazing Open Space Preserves listed below. Preserved and protected for the people of Palo Alto.

Individual Open Space Preserves

 Open Space Trail Map  Pearson Arastradero Preserve
 Baylands Nature Preserve  Pearson Arastradero Preserve Trail Map
 Baylands Nature Preserve Map  Esther Clark Park 
 Foothills Park   Baylands Nature Preserves Birding
 Foothills Park Trail Map                                      Baylands Birding Hotspots Map


Bark to the Park! 

Take the dogs out for some fun! Why leave them at home when you can get out there with them and all of you can enjoy the outdoors and exercise?! Discover the park areas where you can take your dogs to exercise and play off leash. 


Want to Walk?
If you love to take walks to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, Palo Alto is the perfect place to enjoy many views throughout the city! Walk through any of our beautiful open space preserves that have great spaces for walking, or just head to one of our neighborhoods, each with different characteristics and walkable.

Want some ideas of where to walk? Palo Alto Stanford Heritage (PAST) offers information, photos, and maps of Palo Alto's different neighborhoods.


Palo Alto Art Center
Visit the Palo Alto Art Center to discover art in Palo Alto. The Palo Alto Art Center is a beautiful and welcoming place to engage with art. See the exhibits in the gallery or take art classes.

Enjoy and discover all of the wonderful public art throughout the city, located in many different areas. Visit the Public Art Program for more information.

Visit the Zoo!
Visit the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo! The museum and zoo is a great environment where children can come to explore and discover animals and science. There are many hands-on exhibits and a community of live animals for anyone to see. Some of the animals include raccoons, bobcats, bats, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, fish and invertebrates, and turtles!


Like To Hike and Bike?
Take a hike in any of the city's Open Space Preserves. A list of popular hiking trail spots can be found at the top of our open space trail map.  Bicycling is a popular activity in the city of Palo Alto. The City offers excellent bicycle trails, making biking for leisure and commuting easy and enjoyable.  Look at the Palo Alto Bike Trails Map and see the biking routes that Palo Alto has to offer.  

Want to go Camping?
Did you know that you can go camping in Palo Alto? Towle Campground, located at Foothills Park, is open from May through October for tent camping. All Palo Alto residents need to do is reserve a campsite before you go.  Check out Towle Campground Photos


For more information about sports and recreation options, local attractions, businesses, and visitor information, visit the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.