P-6 Accessible resources on suicide prevention and depression



Books and Relevant Documents

    • Youth Suicide Prevention Guidelines for California Schools 2005 – Department of Education, State of California 
    • “Out of the Darkened Room: When a Parent is Depressed: Protecting the Children and Strengthening the Family”, Beardslee, Little Brown, 2002
    • “Helping your anxious child: A step by step guide”, Rapee et al, New Harbinger, 2000
    • “Helping your teenager beat depression: A problem-solving approach for families”, Manassis & Levac, Woodbine House, 2004
    • “Eight Stories Up: An Adolescent Chooses Hope over Suicide”, Levine & Brent, Oxford University Press, 2008 (From the Adolescent Mental Health Initiative, of the Annenberg Public Policy Center)
    • “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook”, Bourne, New Harbinger, 2005
    • “Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers”, revised ed., Michael Riera, PhD, Celestial Arts, 2004
    • “Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 year olds”, 2nd ed. Thomas Phelan, PhD, CMI, 1998
    • “The Good Enough Child: How to Have an Imperfect Family and Be Totally Satisfied”, Brad Sachs, PhD, Quill, 2001
    • “The Confident Child: Raising Children to Believe in Themselves”, Terri Apter, PhD, Bantam, 1997