P-2 Mental Health Support for Students


  •    Comprehensive mental health support for all students


  • PAUSD - Wes Cedros taking the lead:
    HEARD -  Health Alliance for Response to Adolescent Depression (HEARD)  – This is a group of physicians, psychologists and other heath care professionals who have been meeting to address prevention, treatment, communication and other related issues to providing psychological and medical health care to students and families. The group includes Dr. Meg Durbin, Dr. Frances Wren and Dr. Shashank Joshi from Lucile Packard, Becky Beacom from PAMF, Linda Lenoir from PAUSD, representatives from Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) among others.
    District and Gunn staff met during summer months to create materials to help teacher’s better support students still struggling with spring suicides. Tips for talking with teens distributed to all staff on first day of school.
    Counselors, ACS personnel, School Administration, School Psychologist, District personnel available every day, all day, for students needing support. See link for PAUSD counseling services - PAUSD counseling
    Protocol developed so that counselors, psychologists and admin team know what to do in the event of a crisis (suicide or accident)
    See PAUSD Superintendent Kevin Skelly’s related messages at the following link: Dr. Skelly
    Access to outside therapists/support counselors encouraged by District’s support of 3 free sessions with such personnel. 
    PAMF has offered medical services for students dealing with depression and mental illness.
    Many parent and community volunteers present to support students at times of crisis
    Special support group formed for friends of Terman student.  Still meets regularly.

    Gunn team of students, staff and parents attended /Challenge Success/ conference/workshop at Stanford on September 25 and 26, 2009.  This is a continuation of our work with Stanford’s SOS program. (Gunn was among the first schools to be linked with Stanford in efforts to reduce student stress levels).
    Meetings held with various groups that have programs to help students develop resilience (Project Cornerstone, Project Happiness, Social Emotional Learning). 
    Project Happiness’s curriculum is being used in Focus on Success classes.
    Living Skills curriculum adjusted to include more information and suggestions for dealing with pressures and building resilience.
    Dr. Fred Luskin (a Gunn parent and Stanford professor) addressed all seniors on Oct 14 on the topic of happiness and what makes students happy and resilient in the face of pressure.  Students were involved in student-led small group discussions following his presentation.
    Students have organized peer support groups and taken action to build community spirit.  (ROCK, “Talk to Me” T shirts, Anti-suicide Facebook groups).  ROCK has presented its ideas to staff and students to publicize its existence and purpose.
    Dr. Fred Ginsberg will run an assembly in March for students.  He will talk about building resilience.
    In assemblies and one-on-one, students have been encouraged to support each other and to seek help from an adult if they are concerned about a friend.  Many reports are being received.
    Assembly planned for December that will address living and coping with depression and bring in alumni who have offered to help to talk about their own experiences and how they developed coping skills in high school and college.