P-1 Youth Outreach


  • Ask, listen, learn and act on what youth and teens need to thrive.


  • District Nurse Linda Lenoir and City Recreation Supervisor Adam Howard taking the lead:
    • A) Palo Alto Youth Council surveying students for student solutions. The focus will be on 4 primary questions, these were developed by the students:
      • What are the major stressors in your life?
      • What methods do you use to deal with stress?
      • What does your school/community do to help you with stress (who do you turn to)?
      • What can be done to help alleviate student stress?
        The precise wording of the questions is still being crafted. The survey will occur in January and the feedback will be used to better inform the Palo Alto Youth Council and Community Task Force how to alleviate students stress.
      • B) Three Part Youth Forum on what support youth and teens need from the Community - planned for February - April 2010:
        • Forum 1 - Teen led forum. Teens will take over City Hall and have break out sessions to discuss and document what they need from their community - tentative date February 6, 2010.
        • Forum 2 - Teens report out to parents, administrators and policy makers on findings from Forum 1. Break out session facilitated to create dialogue between students and adults - date TBD.
        • Forum 3 - Parents, administrators and policy makers to report back to teens on what they can do to support youth and teens. Once again Break out session will be facilitated to create dialogue between students and adults - date TBD.