E-4 Mental Health Training for teachers


  • Increase training and education specific to health care professionals, educators, and human service providers who work with youth and families so they are adequately prepared to address suicide issues with youth and families.


    PAUSD taking the lead

  • District and Gunn staff met during summer months to create materials to help teacher's better support students still struggling with spring suicides.  Tips for talking with teens distributed to all staff on first day of school.
  • Counselors, ACS personnel, School Administrators, School Psychologist, District personnel available every day, all day, for staff needing support.
  • Protocol developed so that counselors, psychologists and admin team know what to do in the event of such a crisis (suicide or accident)
  • Access to outside therapists/support counselors encouraged by District's support of 3 free sessions with such personnel.
  • KARA training on first day of fall semester 2009 for all Gunn staff on helping students and themselves deal with grief and loss.
  • KARA facilitated peer support groups for Gunn staff members on and off campus.
  • Staff support groups led by Center for Living with Dying and KARA in spring and again this fall.
  • Dr. Fred Luskin and Dr. Kenneth Pelletier's book "Stress Free for Good" has been purchased for every teacher and staff member that has regular contact with students. 
  • Dr. Luskin will address the staff at the December 10, staff meeting and discuss the book with staff.
  • Dr. Ken Ginsbeg will address staff on the topic of building resilience in students on 25 March, 2010.