Banner Reservations

The overpasses located at Embarcadero Road/Alma St. and University Ave./Alma St. are reserved for City of Palo Alto events, City-sponsored events, Non-Profit organizations, and community events, in that order of priority. The City of Palo Alto reserves the right to remove any, and all banners at any time and assumes no responsibility or liability for banners, theft, damage or injury that may result from the placement of banners at overpasses.

If you have any questions, please call us at 650-329-2400 or email us at

Banner Specifications

Banners shall be made of durable and lasting material such as vinyl, acrylic marine fabrics, or acrylic coated woven polyester. Screen inks must be permanently (thermally) bonded to the fabric to avoid ink surface fading due to weather exposure.

Banners shall be no larger than 3’ x 15’ and no smaller than 2’ x 3’ and may not cover any part of the permanent “Vertical Clearance” signage currently on each overpass. Grommets are to be used to ensure safe installation and maintenance using plastic tie wraps.

Reservation Process

To reserve a banner spot:
  1. Fill out a copy of the banner application.
  2. Email your completed application to or stop by any of our community centers to submit it in person.
Reservations may be limited to a maximum of 4 consecutive slots depending on availability per calendar year. You may book up to 2 banner spots for 2 weeks or 1 banner spot for 4 weeks per calendar year. Banner slots are one week, starting Monday at 12:00PM and ending Monday at 10:00AM.

Reserving groups are responsible for hanging and taking down their own banners on time. Banners not removed on time will be may be charged a removal fee and will be disposed of. The City is not liable for any replacement fees associated with your banner.

If a banner from the previous week is left up prior to your rental time, renters are responsible for taking it down, rolling it up, and either leaving it next to the overpass or dropping it off at the Lucie Stern Community Center.


There will be a $15 processing fee charged for all canceled group site reservations. Cancelations must be made at least 10 business days prior to your reservation date in order to receive a refund.

Banner Fees

Banner slots are $30 per slot for Non-Profits and $60 per slot for For-Profits. City sponsored banner slots have no fee with approval.

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Banners spots are located both sides of the overpass at Embarcadero Road and Alma Street, eastbound facing Stanford and westbound facing Highway 101. There is only one side of the overpass at University Avenue and Alma Street, westbound facing downtown Palo Alto with three slots.

Embarcadero East Banners
Embarcadero West Banners
University Banners