Community Services Department


Community Meeting Notice:

Boulware Park and Birch Street Property Renovation Project Community Meeting 
The City of Palo Alto is hosting a community meeting Saturday November 9th from 10am to noon.  The community is invited to provide input on the future  park and Birch Street property renovations. This meeting will be at Boulware Park, 410 Fernando Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Visit the projects web page for further information. 


Your community offers you dozens of community parks; outstanding classes for adults and kids; 40 miles of hiking trails; a municipal golf course; fascinating art exhibits; pools, fields and gyms for peak fitness. Whether you're looking for educational activities for your kids, a place to relax or place to explore the world around you, Palo Alto's Community Services Department is proud to offer programs, activities and parks to meet all the needs of your family and to sustain a positive quality of life!

We are a staff who are committed to providing outstanding educational and physical fitness opportunities for the whole family, beautiful and inviting community facilities for your rental needs, and a multitude of exhibits, shows and special events to entertain, inspire and enjoy!

Besides offering the very best array of fun, educational and life-enriching programs that we can provide, there's nothing more important to the Enjoy! Team than your complete satisfaction with our services, programs and activities. 

Please send your comments or suggestions on our programs and services. We'd love to hear your feedback!


Important Announcement

We are excited to announce that Palo Alto’s Community Services Department will be migrating from our current registration software, ActiveNet, to a new provider at the year’s end. CivicRec will be taking over as our online and in-person registration system. Due to this update, we are postponing the ability to allow credit on customer accounts for refunds of classes, workshops, tickets, rentals, etc. Credit on account will resume once we have transitioned to CivicRec. If you had any existing credit on account, it has been refunded to you in full via check or credit card. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at Thank you!