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Engage in Virtual Art with the Art Center

Free Online Classes Offered to the Public

Engage in Virtual Art with the Art Center

While the Art Center is temporarily closed through May 31, we are still offering several free virtual classes that allow our patrons to engage in a myriad of artmaking activities:

Collage for All Ages
Join artist Sam Price and the Palo Alto Art Center for free virtual collage classes for kids and families of all ages on Fridays at 11a.m.! Make simple and fun collages using materials you can find in your house! Watch live or recordings, which will be posted after each class!

Draw with Ann McMillan
Free virtual classes with artist Ann McMillan on Mondays at 1 p.m.  Join adult studio instructor and Rooted: Trees in Contemporary Art exhibiting artist Ann McMillan for her series of virtual classes: Spring Drawing— since we all need to get outside more! These sessions will introduce drawing flowers, leaves, and other outdoor subjects in both gestural and contour sketch techniques, finding your confident line in pen and ink, and making it all look like magic.

Make your Own Air-Dry Clay
Join Art Center Children's Fine Art Ceramics Instructor Mo Moran in the process of creating your own air-dry clay with materials you have around the house! Try it out and share what you make! More inspirational videos of projects to make with your clay are coming soon.

Do A ‘Crazy Hair’ Art Project
Art Center teacher Corinna Mori invites you to join in a fun, "crazy hair" art project through her video:

Learn the Art of Chinese Calligraphy
Brush up on your Chinese calligraphy skills with Art Center instructor Zhihong Yang. These online classes introduce a modern approach to the traditional art of Chinese Calligraphy to anyone who is interested in the art form and would like to learn the culture and history of Chinese Calligraphy. Go here:

Check out some Sculpting Classes
Adult Studios sculpture instructor Deanna Rae has created a series of online sculpting videos accessible through her website with a free one-month trial. Access them here:

Master the Art of Pottery with Hsin Chuen Lin
Artist and ceramics instructor Hsin Chuen Lin offers hundreds of different instructional videos from beginner to advanced. To find out more, go here:

Put some Fish in an 'Aquarium'
Learn how to make your very own "aquarium" out of a shoebox with art instructor Corinna Mori! To check out her instructional video, go here:

Create a Paper Mache Frog and its Habitat
Art instructor Sharon Reich shows you how to create a 3-D paper mache frog and habitat in this step-by-step project guide. Fun for the whole family! Check it out here:

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Last Updated: April 1, 2020