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"no parking and bike boulevard sign"

Transportation and parking issues are top-of-mind to our community. They cause congestion and delay, residential neighborhood traffic cut-through, and excessive speeds and unsafe behavior. While we have relatively little control over the regional forces at work, we are proactively addressing what we can at the local level, in Palo Alto, and with our neighbors.

It is the Council’s priority to address these transportation issues with the help of the community, City staff, transportation experts, and neighboring cities. In line with Palo Alto’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan, our transportation goals are simple:

  1. Create a sustainable transportation system
  2. Decrease delay, congestion, and Vehicle Miles Traveled
  3. Maintain efficient roadway networks
  4. Protect neighborhoods
  5. Provide and manage parking for motorists and bicyclists
  6. Provide a safe environment for all roadway users
  7. Provide mobility options for transit-dependent
  8. Influence regional policies 

What's New?

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