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Housing challenges loom large for the Bay area, and Palo Alto has recognized it needs to do its part to create more affordable options.  We are going to have to be creative, think outside the box and be open to all different kinds of housing solutions. 

The City Council adopted Housing with an emphasis on affordable housing as one of their priorities for 2020, and in February, updated the Housing Work Plan that contains concrete steps to address housing production and affordability over the next several years. 

As described in the work plan, Palo Alto can do more to address the housing challenges in our community to meet the housing production goals set out in the updated Comprehensive Plan.

What's New?

"Buena Vista Mobil Home Park sign and trailer" Feb. 12, 2018 Housing Work Plan Approved by Council
  The City Council addressed one its most pressing Priorities this year when it unanimously approved a Housing Work Plan at its meeting on Feb. 12...[more]
Feb. 3, 2020 Council Selects its 2020 Priorities 
  At their annual retreat on Feb. 3, the City Council adopted three priorities for 2020 to focus their work for the year...[more]
Jan. 14, 2020 Safe Parking Pilot for Housing Challenges
  The Palo Alto City Council approved a pilot program on January 13 to help address the Bay Area housing challenges...[more]

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