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City of Palo Alto Election Information

Voters Choice Act-New Vote Center Election Model for Santa Clara County

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The City Clerk is the Elections Official for the City. The role of the City Clerk in legislative and elective processes requires neutrality and independence as key qualities in conducting the business of the Office. Elections include General Municipal Elections, Various Ballot Measures, the nomination process for Council Candidates, the Processing of Initiatives and Petitions, Referendums, Recalls, Charter Amendments, and Special Elections.

All elections are conducted in accordance with the City Charter and State Law for Council Members and Ballot Measures.


In Palo Alto, voters can submit their ballots in King Plaza in front of City Hall, 250 Hamilton Ave., the outside drop box at Mitchell Park Library, 3700 Middlefield Rd., or any time of the day at Rinconada Library's outside drop box at 1213 Newell Rd., among other 24/7 drop-off locations across the county.

Residents can also send their ballots in the mail with prepaid postage included with each ballot. Ballots submitted by mail must be postmarked on or before Election Day. Physically submitted ballots are due by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Four City Council Seats - (Adrian Fine, Lydia Kou, Greg Tanaka, and Liz Kniss (Termed out))

Candidates Qualified for the Ballot (in ballot order per Randomized Alphabet Drawing)

  1. Pat Burt
  2. Rebecca Eisenberg
  3. Greg Tanaka
  4. Cari Templeton
  5. Ed Lauing
  6. Steven Lee
  7. Greer Stone
  8. Raven Malone
  9. Ajit Varma
  10. Lydia Kou

Certification of Election Results

2020 Election Information and Resources

Campaign & Conflict Laws

Filed Campaign Statements are available via the NetFile Public Portal*

*Electronically filed Campaign Statements are available online in real time.  Paper filed Campaign Statements are available online within one business day of filing.

The posting of campaign contributions online is required pursuant to Municipal Code Section 2.40.040.

The City Clerk is the local Filing Officer for the State of California. All local campaign Committees are required to file Campaign Statements with the City Clerk. The City Clerk maintains regulations and forms under the State's Political Reform Act

All election Form 410, 460, 461, 465, 470, 497, or 501's filed by Council candidates are provided by the City Clerk Office via a public portal located at the NetFile System Public Portal link.

Electronic filing of campaign statements is encouraged and in many cases required pursuant to Municipal Code Section 2.40.065.

If you have any questions regarding the NetFile program or campaign statements, please contact Jessica Brettle, Assistant City Clerk at or (650) 329-2630.

Printable Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) forms can be found online - FPPC Forms